Stewardship 2016 Report

Many of us at Mayflower don’t like talking about how much money we pledge, but it quiets our nerves to find out what the pledge numbers were following the very special Consecration weekend last month. So here are some numbers that are far from final as pledges continue to roll in:

  • 164
  • 14
  • 19

The weekend featured a Saturday evening party at a beautiful and stylish venue, The Museum of Russian Art. This was followed by a Sunday brunch with pastries and fruit from Patisserie 46. The service included testimonials, touching and powerful music, and a sermon by former Mayflower minister Budd Friend-Jones that was a perfect mixture of reminiscing and rallying the post-election troops. The crowning moment of the service was when pledge cards were carried forward and placed in the baptismal font.

And that leads us back to the numbers:

  • There were 164 adult pledge cards carried forward in the two Consecration Sunday services, up from 161 last year.
  • The number of people who had pledged online at that point was 14, which made the total number of pledges 178. Again, more pledges are coming.
  • There were 19 pledge cards from children.

Other numbers? Oh, yes, the dollar amount. This year, for the first time in memory, the Stewardship Committee set the goal of having no financial goal. The Stewardship campaign would encourage people to talk and pray about their pledge, and then we’d see what happened.

What happened was the total amount pledged just on Consecration Sunday was $484,626. That number, according to the collective memory of the sage souls on the Stewardship Committee, was the highest amount raised at that point in the campaign.

So, as a committee, we thank you with our annual Stewie Smooch! We also remind you that if you missed Consecration Sunday, we still need your pledge. Simply go to the Give Back page of the Mayflower website and select the “Pledge” button in the right sidebar. Simple as that.  If you have your paper pledge form you can still send it in or drop it in the offering plate. Pledge cards are available in the pews at church too.

Once again, thanks!

The Stewies