We May Be Called

The Annual Meeting and Spring-Into-Summer Service will soon be here! Where did the year go?! How is it that we’re already sending our high school seniors out into the world, with a prayer and a blessing?

Many are looking forward to a slower pace, with fewer activities and meetings. Summertime living!! I wish you all more opportunities for Sabbath rest and time with family.

But this summer, let us not take a break from our resistance and organizing work. Our own lives may or may not be at risk, but our neighbors’ lives are. And they are we. And we are one.

We are a sanctuary-supporting church. We may be called.

We are one with our Muslim and Jewish sisters and brothers. We may be called.

We are LGBT. We may be called.

We are earth-protectors. We may be called.

We are black, brown, white together. We may be called.

 The list goes on… We may be called.

Our Action Alert system is carefully curated to include only strategic actions and to come only from our faith partners. Will you be responsive? Show up when you can. Call or write when you can. And let us know that you’ve responded. If you aren’t signed up, will you do so? We are powerful together.

We’ll spring into summer. Ya! You betcha! The lakes are soon beckoning. But when we are available, we will put down the newspaper, pause from complaining, and be a part of the change.

For the sake of God’s people, for the sake of God’s creation, for the sake of our souls.

Pray. Resist. Organize.

In Christ,