Rev. Campbell’s Annual Meeting message

The vision of Mayflower church is to become a spiritual incubator that transforms people, resources, talents, passion and our progressive Christian faith into focused energy to achieve Gods’ dream of justice on earth.

This is the key to who we are and what we are about…We—Council, Leadership Team, staff—try to be faithful to this vision and to always point the Mayflower ship in this direction. Having this strong mission and vision statement helps us stay clear, stay the course, stay healthy, stay resilient.

We know that too much is at stake to get diverted.

Our worship is about more than the current political (and I use that word broadly) situation, but it is not about less: Many have said how important it has been for them to be at a church that is honest and truthful and unafraid to be prophetic this year. Prayer in our sanctuary is our taproot. We rise from worship and go back into the world and affect the zeitgeist, what is possible. Our worship, prayer and song, has never felt more important. It is as important as our organizing and our money.

Mayflower invests a lot of money into “God’s dream of justice.” Consider how much we’ve given this year in OCWM and our monthly special offering: 85,000. And consider this: More than 400 hours for non-profit and justice groups meeting at Mayflower at a value of over 35,000. Consider all the paid staff time that goes to God’s dream of justice – our associate minister position was created four years ago with 2/3 of her time going to justice work; and the rest of the staff – including music, sermon prep, faith formation, administration – how much of our time and energy goes to this dream of God? Our foundation gives about $30,000 a year away for justice grants. We currently provide $28,000 in subsidized support through reduced rent to MECC for scholarships for low income students. And don’t forget the land we gave for Creekside Commons.

How do we ever quantify all the time and energy that you, Mayflower members, put into teaching and tutoring and organizing and building social cohesion? And all the different ways this happens… Mayflower partnering and Mayflower being a leader… and Mayflower doing its own anti-racism work and spreading the gospel of solar and moving towards carbon neutrality and divestment from fossil fuels and supporting our mission for excellent early childhood education for mixed income children and spreading the gospel of building workforce housing in affluent neighborhoods and getting more UCC churches involved in Isaiah…10 years ago it was only Mayflower…and so, so much more. And who knows what we will be called to this summer as a sanctuary supporting church?