Trump Says Transgender Ban Is a ‘Great Favor’ for the Military

My rainbow flag has flown every day since President Trump announced his ban on transgender people in the military, and it will fly every day until that ban is eliminated. By singling out transgender people in the military with his three tweets on July 26 and by labelling us as “a distraction,” POTUS has singled out transgender people all across the United States and labeled us as all “a distraction.” Now, he states this ban is a ‘great favor’ for the military.

This ban is another step to further disenfranchise transgender people, and this one hurt…big time. It is easy to see how this very public shaming of transgender people could further fuel more transgender bans (think: bathrooms, housing, jobs). As of this date, no official policy has been released, but there appears support and activity to implement this outright prejudicial ban soon.

What to do: get out of your comfort zone and speak up, speak out, start a deliberate conversation and let your family and friends know that implementation of this ban is wrong. And fly your rainbow flag!

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