Living Earthwise, Giving Wisely

’Tis the Season to Give Wisely! (tra la la la la, la la la,la!)
by Mary Keepers                                                

Each month Living Earthwise offers theme-related suggestions and actions to help us all live wisely on this earth. By Living Wisely we give the best of gifts to those we love as well as future generations. Here are a few suggestions to help you give wisely!

Shop Wisely! Be Mindful about Purchases!

Support shops, companies, and local artisans that care for the earth: Patagonia, REI, Moss Envy, Mayflower members who make jewelry, paint, write books, teach yoga, make music, take photos… Refrain from online shopping. Yes, it’s convenient but, oy, that packaging.

Give the Gift of…

  • The Arts ~ Gifts cards/tickets to live theatre, concerts, museums, dance programs, etc.
  • Good Eats ~ Gift cards to local farm-to-table restaurants, delis, coops
  • Your Creativity and Talent ~ Homemade gifts are the best!
  • Your Time ~ Create a personal “gift certificate” to take a loved one to a book store, out to lunch, for a walk, to a movie, to watch a sunset. Invite a child/youth to do an art project, cook/bake together, build Lego creations, play a board game, plant a garden, go boating/sledding, play catch, make music or just be together.
  • Education and Experience ~ Summer/winter camps, sports/music lessons, dance/acting classes, Zoo or Science Museum memberships, tickets to a sporting event
  • Eco-Friendly “Stuff” for the Green Geeks on Your List ~ Organics and food storage bags, compostable tableware, market bags, solar-powered lawn ornaments, etc. Check out these websites:, com.

This is only a fraction of ideas for Green Giving. Share ideas! Be creative! And have a very merry, sustainably joyful Holiday season! Contact with questions or more ideas.