Powerful Questions for Lent

For the past few years during Lent we have explored together a theme that allows us to go deeper in understanding our relationship to God and one another. We are inspired by the challenge of the writer Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor: What is killing the souls of our people? And what is saving us?

We are so aware in these times of the deep divisions between people – often accompanied by labels of politics, race, age, gender, or class. Often, differences are even more subtle or invisible, and people become alienated from one another when they cannot bring their full selves to their relationships. Could it be that our tendency to see our neighbors as “other” is killing us? Rather than delighting in difference or approaching someone new with genuine curiosity, we are isolated – seeking to surround ourselves with those we believe are most “like us.”

Together, let us cultivate the spiritual practices of deep listening and respectful curiosity that help us resist division.

Beginning Ash Wednesday in worship, small group Bible studies, and simple home rituals, we will explore the powerful questions offered by our Church Council: When have you experienced being “the other”? When have you welcomed “the other” into your life?”

Together, we will explore how, as Jesus hoped, we “may all be one” in all our bold uniqueness and diversity. 

—Rev. Emily Goldthwaite Fries, Eli’jah Carroll, Rev. Sarah Campbell

Lent Small Groups Start Soon
Back by popular demand, small groups will begin after Feb 14, meeting 4–6 times at church or in members’ homes. We will explore the powerful questions: When have you experienced being “the other”? And when have you welcomed “the other” into your life? These small groups offer time set apart from our busy lives to get to know a small group within the church and consider Bible stories and other resources to deepen our spiritual journey around inclusion and justice. RSVP to Emily to host or attend a small group this year or 612-824-0762 ext 140.

Two different Lent small groups for parents of young children (through elementary ages) will be offered on Sunday mornings. Gather with other parents to connect and explore Bible stories about our powerful Lent question. If you wish to bring snacks for one of the sessions or assist with inviting fellow parents to the group, please contact Emily.

There also will be a Lent small group for high schoolers led by Mary Jane Adams and Melanie Mills. High school youth will have the space to explore our powerful Lent question through looking at Bible stories, inspiring video clips, and other thought provoking resources. Participants and their parents are invited to contact Eli’jah with questions.