My name is Kari Hansen, the lead of the Faith Formation Visioning Team at Mayflower. You may not have heard about us, because we’re new this year. As I led our interview team in the search for a new Faith Formation Director last spring, it became clear to me that we needed an overview team to move Faith Formation forward and support our director, who has a lot on his plate.

It may sound trite or simplistic to say that we want our Faith Formation program to be experiential…but we do. We want to find the spiritual and the Christian in our experiences with the world, and we want to have and encourage ritual around rites of passage, community-building, and our Christian church year.

This year has held bountiful opportunities for such experiences! Our new First Sunday initiative brings our Mayflower children front and center in our worship; after all, our Sunday worship together is a key part of all of our Faith Formation. The high school youth took a trip to Heifer International in Arkansas. The confirmation class has had 1:1 mentor conversations while also bonding on retreats. We have had Advent and Lent intergenerational education hours with stations for all ages to share in making seasonal arts. All of this is in addition to full Sunday morning offerings for K–12.

Many thanks to Eli’jah Carroll who has led many of these efforts in his first growing year with Mayflower. We really appreciate his work to deepen our connection with God.