(c) s. Kusunoki, July 17, 2018

Officer Yanez said he had no choice
pulling the trigger
The jury as well might have said the same
when they acquitted him of murder

Of course there were choices
choices to think beyond politics
choices to think beyond black and white
the choice was to think, period
instead of inbred instinct
instead of inbred racism
instead of inbred fear

now there’s the word unspoken
the American dream
obliterated by a simple word
one syllable that destroys
the promise of the founding fathers
that destroys
the invitation of the statue
on Ellis Island
that here
not Dallas, not Watts, not East St. Louis
but here
on our turf
a good and gentle man
is gone away

It is two years on
but we have only lost more and more to fear
The land of the free and home of the brave
now led by a coward
who would sell not only our souls
but the souls of all our
friends and allies
to fear

Bobby Dylan
said it so plain and true
over half a century ago
“how many deaths will it take
till we know
that too many people have died?”

“It should have taken only one,”
says fear
“but you underestimate
just how strong
how all encompassing
I am.
As long as I am the motivator,
you have no choice.”

 (c) s. Kusunoki, July 17, 2018