Do you wonder what options there are for families in the Twin Cities when they need emergency housing? We know that Beacon provides affordable housing. Where do families turn in a crisis? A few weeks ago, a group of people from Mayflower volunteered with Families Moving Forward to help with precisely this need.

Beacon’s Families Moving Forward program offers families experiencing homelessness hospitality, emergency shelter and a path to home with support for stability. About 80 congregations throughout the Twin Cities metro area create shelter space within their congregation sites. Three to five families are hosted within a congregation for a week span with the goal of securing stable housing within 60 days of arriving.

Holly and I had been looking for a direct service project for our kids and this opportunity was a great fit. The week we volunteered, the families were hosted by Woodlake Lutheran Church in Richfield. Our aim was simple: provide a meal, activities for kids, community and a bit of humanity. We shared a meal together. We got our hands dirty making tie-dye t-shirts with the kids.

A quote from one of the kid volunteers: “It was amazing. I met so many kids. Serving the meal was amazing. First I was nervous to meet the kids. Then they became my close friends – even though I’ll probably never see them again.”

We’d like to continue to volunteer with Families Moving Forward four to six times per year. Reach out if you’d like to part of making this happen! Contact Alix at