The Eyes of the Other

Rev. Emily Goldthwaite Fries reflects on being "the other" and on welcoming "the other" into her life.

Powerful Questions for Lent

What is killing the souls of our people? And what is saving us?

Together in the New Year

"We have one another!" Rev. Sarah Campbell reflects on the year to come.

Hold That Note

Listen to Rev. Traci Blackmon's inspiring sermon from Consecration Sunday.

Healing Work

Be a part of healing our community.

Staying alert this summer

We won't stop growing this summer. As children of God, as long as we live, we never stop growing.

Mayflower's "Harper's Index"

Rev. Campbell offers her 2017 version of the Harper's Index!

We May Be Called

This summer, let us not take a break from our resistance and organizing work.

Something Big is Happening

I was surprised to see people in public, at a pub no less…

Reasons to Hope in 2017

The truth we know deep in our souls that God’s dream of justice simply will not let us go.