Prayers of celebration for…

  • The birth of Eamon Donald Christensen-Cowan to Katrin and Dan and big sister Eva
  • The marriage of Nan Aalborg and Mike Niehans
  • The birth of Naomi Roberts, granddaughter of Keith and Judy Roberts
  • The birth of Paige Virginia Hadfield born to Paul and Cassie Hadfield, granddaughter of John Hadfield
  • Steve Olmstead, his spouse Lisa, and children Gunnar and Evyn, who celebrate that Steve’s health is stable enough to come off of the list for prayers.

Prayers of care and concern for….

  • Deb Davis
  • Margaret Stein
  • Jimmy Randolph and family
  • Barb Hadfield
  • Randy and Trudy Genrich
  • Mia Balong, niece of Mary Jane Adams
  • Susan Stemme

For all those living with cancer and cancer treatments:

  • Marcy Maass, her spouse, Mary Jane Adams, and children, Grace and Ruby (find Marcy’s page at
  • Marc and Cathy Brown (find Marc’s page at
  • Marty and Doug Struxness
  • Mike Peterson’s son, Eric Peterson, his spouse Amanda, and children Royce, Calvin, Evelyn, and Charlotte.
  • Keith and Judy Roberts

Prayers of support for….

  • Phil Johnson and family after the death of his sister, Adele Stone
  • Mary Nielsen and family after the death of her husband, Irv
  • Bill and Bonnie Forsman and family after the death of Bill’s sister, Ann Adams
  • Roberta Kagin after the death of her partner, Herb Roy
  • Dana Blanck’s family and Mayflower Church
  • Gwen and Ken Williams and their families after the death of their father, Bob Williams

Birthdays over 80:

  • June 25:  George Dahl
  • June 25:   Jane Frymire

Remember, the most reliable way to reach clergy with a pastoral care concern is the pastoral care line, 612-824-0762, x113. Clergy check it several times a day.