Prayers of Celebration…

  • For Gamil, Mayflower’s Assistant Facilities Coordinator, who received his Green Card
  • For the birth of Leona Campbell Simenson, granddaughter of the Rev. Sarah Campbell and Mark Gustafson
  • For the marriage of Claire Bachman and Nestor Dominguez

Prayers of Gratitude…

  • For Ed Cavin, Director of MECC, for his leadership and passion for our mission for excellent early childhood education for low income children.

Prayers of care and concern for….

  • Steve Shaffer
  • Mary Kay Duquette
  • Renee Carey
  • Trudy and Randy Genrich
  • Susan Genrich
  • Sherrie Stockton
  • Shirley Poliquin
  • Susan Stemme
  • Jetta Wise
  • Jimmy and Isla Randolph
  • Barb Hadfield
  • Mia Balong, niece of Mary Jane Adams

For all those living with cancer and cancer treatments:

  • Jack Kattner and Barb Kattner
  • Margaret Stein
  • Marcy Maass, her spouse, Mary Jane Adams, and children, Grace and Ruby (find Marcy’s page at
  • Marc and Cathy Brown (find Marc’s page at
  • Marty and Doug Struxness
  • Mike Peterson’s son, Eric Peterson, his spouse Amanda, and children Royce, Calvin, Evelyn, and Charlotte
  • Keith and Judy Roberts        

Prayers of support for…

  • Cecelia Perry after the death of her husband, Gayland Hokansen
  • Philemon N. after the death of his mother
  • Gwen and Ken Williams and families after the death of their father, Bob Williams
  • George Dahl after the death of his wife, Beverly Dahl
  • Mary Nielsen and family after the death of her husband, Irv Nielsen
  • Roberta Kagin after the death of her partner, Herb Roy

Birthdays over 80:

  • Aug 7:    Kathryn Reimer
  • Aug 22:  Barbara Behnke
  • Aug 22:  Ruth Campbell
  • Aug 27:  George Reimer

Remember, the most reliable way to reach clergy with a pastoral care concern is the pastoral care line, 612-824-0762, x113. Clergy check it several times a day.