Give Back

We give because we’ve been given to.
We give in response to what has been given us.

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”

Every Sunday we sing these works in our effort to live out a spirit of gratitude and abundance in our everyday lives. Our members and friends support the mission of the church through financial giving and the volunteering of time and talents at the church and our partner organizations.

Stewardship at Mayflower

Christian stewardship is a spiritual discipline, both individually and collectively within the membership of a congregation. At Mayflower, we believe we are stewards of the resources that have been given to us, and take seriously our responsibility to use those resources for the good of all. We people of faith want every penny we spend or give to be in line with what God wants for the world.

We are called to give in proportion to our income and the demands upon it and in proportion to our sense of justice and of God’s ownership of all wealth. The Stewardship Ministry suggests a “modern” tithe, which means you share approximately 5% with the church and 5% with other charities of your choice.

Special Offering

Each month Mayflower also collects a special offering for a designated partner. You can give online or by leaving a check marked “Special Offering” in the offering plate in worship.

Our December special offering goes to Urban Homeworks, whose mission is to perpetuate the hope of Jesus Christ through innovative community development that produces dignified housing for families of low income, a strategic network of good neighbors and the redemptive development of real estate.

  • Rebuilding Neighborhoods: Urban Homeworks seeks out the most economically distressed areas of the Twin Cities and focuses a variety of local resources to rebuild homes.
  • Reconnecting People: Once the properties are restored, people have the opportunity to experience stability and reconnect as renters, homeowners and neighbors and to reweave a sense of community.
  • Reclaiming Hope: Hope is a force that puts families, young professionals, job skills trainees, and volunteers from all walks of life into an exchange that reshapes futures, restores home and reconciles people to each other.

Here are the words Urban Homeworks offers to Mayflower in return: “We couldn’t be more thankful for our friends at Mayflower and Trust Builders. You’ve transformed neighborhood problems into neighborhood pride. Thank you for being co-conspirators of this potent, penetrating, and compelling hope!”

Volunteer Opportunities

Creekside Common Homework Helpers

Opportunities available Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays for children, youth and adults. More info here.

Trust Builders

Work one day per month to create homes that are sold to low-income families at an affordable, low price. Owner-occupied homes help stabilize neighborhoods. No experience or tools necessary. Contact: Craig Freeman, 612-387-4589

Conversations with Friends

Trained visitors meet with detained immigrants and offer support. Contact: Lisa Rawlins

Meals on Wheels

Provide hot, nutritious, midday meals five days per week to persons age 60 and older and to others who cannot prepare adequate meals and are unable to leave their homes. Mayflower has more than 30 volunteers who deliver 175-200 meals in an average week. We welcome volunteers who are available from 11:00 am to noon on weekdays and have a car. Contact: Claire Fossum, 612-721-9258,

Office Volunteers

Answer phones, help with data entry, assist with bulletin production and other important work. Contact: Celeste in the office


The AV engineers run the sound and light boards for worship services and special events so that all participants can be heard and special lighting needs can be coordinated. Contact: Scott Galbraith

Communion Preparers

The Communion Preparation team is responsible for baking or purchasing the bread for communion services. Along with providing the bread and wine we “set the table” for the congregation. Each preparer is responsible for communion preparation about twice a year on the first Sunday of the month. Contact: Debbie Spuit, 612-798-3640

Communion Servers

The Mayflower communion servers welcome everyone to the table at both services on the first Sundays of the month and other services as designated by the leadership team. Volunteers are needed for both services. Contact: Patricia Olson

Sanctuary Care

The group’s purpose is the keep the sanctuary ready for worshippers each Sunday by checking that the pews racks are complete and in proper order. Volunteers are assigned one week each month. Contact: Barbara Fox, 651-454-2314.


Ushers greet worshippers, answer questions, collect and present offerings, and assure the safety of all participants. Volunteers are assigned one Sunday per month at either 8:30 or 11:00. 8:30 ushers are particularly needed this church year. Contact: Connie Ford, 651-245-4690

Garden Group

Volunteer to care for the church grounds. A wonderful group of folks gather Tuesdays from 9:30 am–noon during many months of the year. Contact: Lynn Martin

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