Mayflower Foundation

The Mayflower Church Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established in 1961 to extend the life and work of Mayflower Church. The Foundation both solicits and receives gifts and makes grants from net earnings on the endowment. A board of directors elected by the Mayflower Church congregation governs the Foundation. 

Gifts and bequests made to the Foundation are placed in an endowment fund, with the principal invested to generate income and not used for distribution. A copy of the current investment guidelines is available in the Mayflower Church office.

The Foundation endowment includes the John and Ada Barker Scholarship fund, established in 1996 to provide scholarships to students of Minneapolis Public Schools with demonstrated ability and need. It also includes the Drake Scholarship fund, established in 2005 to provide scholarships to students attending United Theological Seminary.

Make a Gift

Gifts are made in memory or honor of loved ones, by those seeking to add to the financial resources available for the church’s programming, and by bequests made at the time of death. While gifts are usually made for benevolent reasons, there also may be favorable tax consequences. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible under current tax laws. The Foundation accepts cash, publicly traded stocks and real estate. See the “More Information” area to the right.

Request a Grant

Grant requests should indicate how the project or activity furthers the life and work of Mayflower Church as set forth in its mission and vision statements. Download guidelines and application in the area to the right.

Recent Grants

2018 (to date)

  • $2,500 to Isaiah for their voter engagement project
  • $500 for an emergency faith delegation to Honduras
  • $6,000 to Mayflower’s Earthwise Implementation Team for a site property survey and preparation for needed environmental changes to the building
  • $2,021 for up to five Mayflower members to attend the regional cohousing conference in Boulder, CO
  • $700 to allow seven Mayflower members to attend the “Reclaiming Your Life, Body, Mind and Spirit after cancer” workshop at Mayflower in April
  • $15,000 for the Earthwise Implementation Team’s facility assessment and feasibility study
  • $20,000 to the Groundwise Team for Landscape Planning and Design Services
  • $650 for two Mayflower members to attend Isaiah’s weeklong leadership training
  • $450 for two Mayflower members to attend Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Washington, DC.


  • $10,737 to the Mayflower Immigration Team for efforts to support asylum seekers in our community.
  • $271 to the Isaiah Core Team for a bus to the ISAIAH gathering at Shiloh Temple in North Minneapolis
  • $5,000 to the Global Justice Advocacy Team for scholarships to Guatemala and The School of the Americas Watch in Tucson, AZ
  • $9,000 to Mayflower for the second of three justice initiative grants
  • $9,500 for audio-visual improvements at Mayflower
  • $2,920 to the Senior Living Work Group for two members to attend the national cohousing conference in Nashville and $2,300 for facilitation of cohousing study groups
  • $1,000 for the Drake Scholarship at United Theological Seminary
  • $1000 for the Barker Scholarship to AchieveMpls (affiliated with Minneapolis Public Schools), awarded in 2017 to Amarti Bekele of South High for studies at St. Catherine’s University