Living Earthwise, Reducing Trash

It is going to take all of us living wisely on this Earth to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. Each month Living Earthwise will offer new theme-related suggestions and actions that we invite you to adopt at home, school and work. This September we’re “Talking Trash: Let’s Rot” (Reduce Our Trash)!

As we reconnect on Gathering Sunday, let’s renew our pledge to become a zero-waste site and reignite our resolve to reduce waste in our personal lives. Here are a few ideas to guide us on that journey:

  • Mayflower’s zero waste quest: Confused about what goes into which bin? No need to stress! Start with what you know is right! When in doubt? Dispose in trash (grey) so as not to contaminate recycling (blue) or organics (green). Check the websites listed below for more information. NOTE: Sadly, take-out coffee cups are generally trash. Covers are mostly Styrofoam and cups are usually plastic lined. Best practice? Take your own reusable mug to the coffee shop or frequent shops that carry compostable cups.
  • Do buy/use: Reusable market bags, cloth napkins, reusable tableware, fresh food from farmer’s markets, coops, CSAs, resale clothes, etc.
  • Do not buy/use: Plastic bags, plastic straws, beverages in plastic bottles (including water), anything packaged in Styrofoam/bubble wrap such as online purchases and meat products, products in foil/plastic lined containers such as chips, children’s drinks and snacks like Gogurt.
  • Make it a game: Challenge family members and friends to generate as little waste as possible by following the three Rs! Check out this fun, educational video:
  • Helpful websites:

Living a sustainable life, dedicated to honoring the earth, is to live a happy life! Questions? Contact