Investing wisely for the earth

Earthwise investing is investing wisely for the earth.
By Dwight Wagenius,

It is going to take all of us living wisely on this Earth to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. Each month Living Earthwise will offer new theme-related suggestions and actions that we invite you to consider adopting for your home and work.

Divestment in fossil fuels means breaking ties with an immoral industry. The fossil fuel industry’s plan for profits is incompatible with a safe climate. To protect our planet, fossil fuels must stay in the ground. Divestment weakens the fossil fuel industry’s political and economic stranglehold and opens up opportunities for climate solutions to flourish.

Your money from divestment gives you power. Use your power. Since every dollar you send into the world makes an impact, make it a positive impact. Change our world with every dollar; sleep well at night.

Align your financial planning and investing with your values. You can create positive social and environmental value without sacrificing market rate financial returns. Investing in renewable energy can be a financial win. Other investments, like organic foods, cleaner manufacturing, preventive health, waste reduction, and energy efficiency are all arguably wise investment strategies.

Mayflower, the Minnesota Conference UCC and the UCC all resolved in 2013 to sell investments in fossil fuels companies and have since fully divested and placed those funds in ways that create positive social and environmental value. The 2013 resolutions urged families to divest/reinvest. Think deeply. Have you used all the power that you have?