Want to Assist Immigrants?

Sanctuary Supporting Efforts

  • Providing funds for hotel stays for immigrants who are coming great distances to see their attorneys or going to court.
  • Provide a room in your home for an immigrant who is in town for a day or two to see their lawyer (probably a meal as well).
  • Grocery Project (4 or 5 members of Mayflower provide funds for groceries for families that The Advocates have indicated need help with food-asylum seekers get no food, housing, etc. assistance)
  • Gift cards for groceries:  THIS IS THE MOST RECENT REQUEST from the ISAIAH southern Minneapolis sanctuary coalition to assist congregations that are housing those needing sanctuary.
  • Drivers are needed for immigrants in the Twin Cities area that need rides to appointments.

Conversation with Friends
This is a program whereby volunteers are trained to enable them to visit immigrants who are in detained in 2 jails in Minnesota. Families of detainees are allowed no direct contact with their family member in detention.  The trained visitor is able to meet face to face with them.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund
Consider writing a check to this fund in care of The Advocates for Human Rights so that those detained can be released from jail while awaiting their court hearing.

The Court Recorder Project
The Advocates for Human Rights and other pro bono agencies have begun a program which has an online training to enable volunteers to attend court hearings and tract the info that the Advocates request.

Please contact Diane Haines if you are interested in participating in any of these programs.