Report from the Annual Meeting

Rev. Sarah Campbell shared her annual “Mayflower Index” (think Harper’s Index!) at the Annual Congregational Meeting on May 16:

  • 100 people participating in Lenten groups
  • 31 clergy members at Mayflower
  • 2 Emily conversations with Dayton’s advisor re: Line 3.
  • 40 pieces of music Dorothy played holy week
  • 3 vital growing churches led by Mayflower Lily residents Hannah, Mike, Gretchen
  • 10 Creekside kids at MECC
  • 80 average number in Adult Faith Formation on a Sunday morning
  • 375 average number of human beings at Mayflower on a Sunday morning
  • 45,000 granted  from the Mayflower foundation thus far this year.
  • 16 possible names brainstormed by 8 people in the newly formed Mayflower death companions group—soon to have a new name!
  • 2o chilis submitted for the first annual chili kick off in January!
  • 29  number of Mayflower youth and adults descending on New York city on the work trip with the historic quaker group YSOP- to serve and learn from homeless people.
  • 349 homes that receive contribution statements from Mayflower church
  • 1 or 2 churches that have shown our film Journey of Hope the last month— Westminster and Plymouth
  • 19 shoes under sarah’s desk on Easter Sunday….my own…
  • 9  people in newly formed Centering prayer group last Thursday evening.
  • 8 Mayflower homes ready to host immigrants coming to court appearances in Bloomington from five Midwestern states
  • 2 Mayflower households hosting asylum seekers
  • 10,000 dollars Mayflower members gave to Isaiah
  • 20 action alerts
  • 11 hot dishes or cold to be given in the month of May by hot dish ministry…

Take a minute to download Mayflower’s Annual Report and read all about the amazing things that happened this past year in the life of this congregation.