Mayflower Launches Threshold Ministry

We are pleased to let you know about a new ministry available to our Mayflower faith community. When the end of life is nearing for one of our own beloved people, it is very helpful and comforting to have not only excellent medical guidance and support but also to have excellent emotional and spiritual support.

The Threshold Ministry is a group of Mayflower folk who have a deep commitment to helping to provide that much needed spiritual support. We are still in our beginning stages of determining what the full ministry will eventually be, but we are already certain that we are willing to be spiritual friends for our congregation in the time leading up to the anticipated death, at the time of death, and during the grieving time following the farewell.

The types of support we are able to provide at this time include:

  • Offering empowering and comforting information to support the family and friends as they walk this journey together
  • Spending time with the family as the end of life draws near, if that presence is desired
  • Help in providing music for the vigil
  • If desired, assistance in washing the loved one’s body following the death
  • Providing information about options for final arrangements for the beloved remains, including the traditional options such as burial or cremation and several other options that the family has, including water cremation and green burial – watch for more information on these in coming Ship to Shore articles
  • Continuing emotional and spiritual support during the grieving that follows the farewell

We are aware of the widely varied levels of comfort people have talking about, or even thinking about, the actuality and inevitability of death occurring within our close circle of loved ones. It is our hope that we can facilitate that conversation with our congregation, helping to ease any discomfort enough to enable families to support one another in a grace filled and loving farewell.

If you are interested in having the Threshold Ministry offer you support, you can contact us through the pastors or by contacting Diana Robertson or Maggie O’Connor.