Building Our Dreams

Over the past few years Mayflower has honed its vision for the future. From last year’s building use focus groups and with this year’s congregational survey, we are quickly gaining clarity about what is most important to this congregation and dreaming of what is to come. In much the same way that Creekside Commons and our rooftop solar panels were only dreams at one time, they now tell part of the story of who we are as a congregation.

So now is time for a “last ask,” the opportunity to not only consider what we have imagined, but also to consider what we have not yet imagined. What have we yet to consider that will not only be important to us and the next generation, but the one after that? What kind of place, space, and energy will be welcoming to our grandchildren and will call them to action as we have been called?

Building Our Dreams for 2040 will begin with structured input, focused on the future of our church building and grounds and gleaned from the “within” of Mayflower. That input will be gathered through twenty-five, 50-minute long congregational group sessions led by facilitators. These sessions will be held each Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, beginning September 8 and ending November 24.

Additional one-time sessions will be conducted with the Mayflower ministries, Sunday School classes (6th grade and up), recent new member groups, and Mayflower staff.

We are committed to exceeding 250 participants by Thanksgiving. Future group sessions will look to the Mayflower “beyond,” including our partners who already use the buildings and those from the broader community.

Please sign up at the Welcome Desk for a Building Our Dreams idea session.