What is God Calling Us To in These Times?

Dear Mayflower,

What is God calling us to in these times?

After much deliberation and consultation, we have decided to do church in a different way in the next several weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Worship will be online at 11 am. Click here to join!

Beginning next week, responding to the question, “what is God calling us to be and do in these times?”, our ministry teams will begin to create new and alternative ways to do ministry in this in between time. We will stay faithful and intense and effective.

There have been pandemics in the past. And people of faith have often been astonishing in their response, how they rise to the challenges. The stories of our ancestors are manifold and inspirational.  About moments when they took seriously the call of Jesus to love God and their neighbors as themselves.  May we be such a people of faith!

So. Come and worship online at 11:00. Be ready to sing:

God of Grace and God of Glory,
on your people pour your power…
grant us wisdom, grant us courage
for the facing of this hour…..

(You may wish to invite your friends and family who may feel alone or anxious to join us.)

And be merciful with yourself, with your family members, with your neighbors, and with the stranger. And pray for those affected by COVID-19 and those discerning and implementing a right, rational, and compassionate response and those working in clinics and hospitals. Prayers of comfort and strength to all.

In Christ,
Rev. Sarah Campbell

P.S. Stay tuned for news beyond Sunday.