Growing Together

In these times, we’re doing faith formation differently to keep us safe and healthy. Here, on this new blog, every day you’ll find a video of Eli’jah reading from Desmond Tutu’s Children of God Storybook Bible, plus a child-friendly reflection and three prayers for your day.

April 9: Last Supper

In today’s story, we learn about Communion.  When Jesus eats with his disciples for the last time, he breaks bread for them and also shares grape juice with him.  When we do it at church every month, this is why!  Kinda cool, right?

Also, Jesus does this thing where he washes his disciples feet in this story.  Can you imagine that?  These a folks that walk all over the place in sandals!  Jesus wanted to show how much he cared by doing something that was pretty gross at that time, like touching someones feet.  This was Jesus’ way of showing just how much he loved his friends, and how much he cared about them.

I wonder in what ways you show your friends that you care about them.  What makes you a good friend?

Daily Prayers

  • In the morning when we wake up: May today bring joy in new ways. Amen.
  • At mealtimes: Dear God, thank you for health. Thank you for the earth. Thank you for the hands and hearts that made this food. May the earth and your people be healthy. Amen.
  • Bedtime: Dear God, thank you for resting from the top of my head down to my toes. Your love will be with me even in my sleep. Amen.