Gerry Mooers: A Small Saint with a Big Heart

How long has Gerry Mooers supported Mayflower? A long time. She started attending Mayflower with her family as a youth. Her parents, Margaret and Raymond Johnson, brought her to Mayflower as a youth. She was baptized at Mayflower. She was confirmed at age twelve, on December 7, 1942, the one-year anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. One of her confirmation teachers at Mayflower was Russ Brackett’s mother. She was married in 1953 at Mayflower. She had a career as a dietitian. These milestones set the contours of her life with Mayflower for her 90 years. She has been active throughout this time, most recently co-leading, with Karen Joyce, the luncheons for memorial services.

Gerry has been a faithful giver to Mayflower. She annually makes a pledge. She plans during the year how she will fulfill this pledge. Several years ago, she decided to increase her giving. She supports Mayflower as well as many other organizations over the years including the Beacon Interfaith, Children’s Home Society, PACER, Habitat for Humanity, and Courage Kenny Center. She became familiar with Beacon when Mayflower created a partnership with the creation of Creekside Commons, and she worked with the Homework Helpers, aiding Creekside youth with their after-school homework.

When you greet Gerry, there is a quick flash of a smile on her face as you see her genuine excitement of engaging life and others. This is often followed by a warm handshake or even a hug, in a non-COVID time. This is reflective of her giving. She is enthusiastic about giving to others. Why does she give? Says Gerry, “I give just because I want to, because I love this church, and I love helping others.” For Gerry, giving is not complicated. She gives because she sees the needs of others. When she sees needs, she responds. Giving to others is important in life, says Gerry.

She keeps sharing her care and energy with others. She met her friend, John Dotray, at her Village Shores. And John, while a Catholic, loves Mayflower and Gerry.

Ever a planner, several years ago, Gerry created a will to support groups she thought were especially important in her life, and Mayflower was central in her planning. She wants to be sure she can give every dollar that she can. She wants to continue to strengthen these groups she has supported. Her planned giving assures that Mayflower and these groups will continue to thrive through her legacy.

If you have a story about your plans for giving that you are willing to share, please let us know!

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