How to Pledge & Give Through Realm

We invite you to use Realm to create your annual pledge. You can also use Realm to create or update your online giving. Please note that creating a pledge is separate from online giving. You can create a pledge in Realm, and not give online; creating an online pledge only creates a pledge.

If you want also want to set up or update your online giving, after you set up your pledge, select the “Save & Set Up Online Gift” and this will take you to online giving in Realm.

How to Sign In:

Once You’ve Sign In:

  • Click on the “Giving” button in the left column.
  • Near the top of the page, click on the second, gray rectangular box that says “+ Pledge.”
  • Enter your pledge amount for the year in the first box.
  • Select “As Can” to select the time period for your gift.
  • Once you have created your pledge, either: 1) Click “Save Pledge” if you do not want to go to the online giving section to manage your online giving; OR 2) Click “Save & Set Up Online Gift” to direct you to online giving. Please note: once you save your pledge, Realm does not allow you to go back in and change it.If you need to change your pledge to a different amount, please feel free to contact Thor at or call (651) 338-2476, to reset it.