Online Photo Directory Available Now

The Mayflower Church Photo Directory is available electronically through Realm, our online platform! The online directory offers an environmentally friendly replacement for the paper directory and provides the congregation with accurate and more timely contact information. On August 18, 2021, Mayflower successfully made privacy setting changes so that contact information is now visible in the online directory! Thanks to everyone for your patience with this process.

Currently, the online directory includes only Mayflower Members who have registered for a Realm account. To include other Mayflower members who were previously included in the printed Mayflower Church Photo Directory, Mayflower is planning to change settings to “opt-in to the directory” for those members. An email from will be sent only to those members who were “opted-in”.

If you would not like included in the online directory please contact

Learn how to how to manage profile and privacy in Realm.

If you have questions, please contact