This Sunday, September 12, is Gathering Sunday! We want to offer as many viable possibilities to be part of the community as possible in this time of uncertainty. We plan to offer three choices for worship this Sunday at 11:00 am:

  • Livestreamed from home (grateful for new livestream equipment. Thank you David Carey and team and Foundation for funding!)
  • Sanctuary
  • Big screen in the courtyard, weather permitting (for those not yet comfortable coming inside and for families with young children, not yet vaccinated.)

Faith Formation classes and information tables and outdoor coffee hour will begin next Sunday Sept 19.

Thank you for all who signed the voluntary vaccine registry. Because of the uncertainty with the delta variant, we are needing to go a step further. There’s no such thing as no risk, but we’re going for low risk. We will continue to adapt and we hope and trust that things will get better as more of us get vaccinated. Here’s our low risk plan:

  • In order to come into the building on Sunday, you will need to show proof of vaccination (see below if you’ve lost or misplaced your vaccination card*). Classes for children not able to be vaccinated will be outside. There will be no child care at this time. (It so pains us that there are people we can’t protect right now, like young children.)
  • Everyone will need to be masked while indoors, except for those leading worship. We have extra masks available.
  • Everyone will need to be assertive about social distancing. No Minnesota Nice!
  • The sanctuary, which is very well ventilated, will be more sparsely furnished: pews spread out.
  • The hallways are less well ventilated so we encourage people not to gather and linger in the narthex or the hallways.
  • One person in the bathroom at a time.
  • Dress appropriately as a lot of our activity, tabling etc., will be outdoors.
  • Make sure we have your current email address to email you any up to the minute news of our church in these Covid times. We need to stay well connected.
  • And still, you should decide whether you are comfortable coming to church. Here are some questions you may wish to ask yourself.
    • Do you live/work/regularly get together with someone who’s health is compromised
    • What risk do you bring to the church community?
    • Do you work with unvaccinated people?
    • Have you had exposure to Covid?
    • Have you traveled recently?
    • Do you have upper respiratory symptoms? Feel ill?
    • Do you forget about social distancing when you haven’t seen someone? Does it just feel too unnatural and difficult not drawing close to another?

Still! We can do this thing Mayflower! Gradually come back into community in a low-risk way.

*For those who have lost their card:

  • If you have electronic access such as MyChart, log in and check the Health Records/Immunizations tab. The information is often in that record even if you received the vaccine elsewhere. Take a screenshot and put it into your Photo Favorites or print the page.
  • Contact your physician by phone and ask them to check your immunization record  or the state’s integrated vaccine database. Physician’s cannot e-mail health records, so allow enough time for a letter to come through the mail.
  • Request a copy of your card from the MN Dept of Health. There is an integrated vaccination record, even if the vaccine was received at another site. It could take 6 weeks to get a copy.
  • Log into the site where you received the vaccine. For example, at Walgreen’s the vaccine documentation is under Prescription Records (take a screenshot and store the photo in your Photo Favorites).

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