Traditionally, Lent is a 40-day season of repentance and renewal, beginning with Ash Wednesday and ending with Easter. Through our scripture, Jesus still calls us to “repent”, (that is, to “turn around” our personal and political histories) here and now. Our Sunday morning worship, our Lenten study groups and our Wednesday evening Taize service will all be woven together.

Sign Up for Your Lenten Small Group [book image]
Starting the first week of March, we are all invited to engage in Mayflower’s Lenten small group series. This strong and vital perennial Mayflower tradition and spiritual practice will center on the great concern of our time: As people on the Jesus path, how do we commit to the difficult “soul work” involved in becoming a more racially and socially just church?

Over the course of the five weeks of Lent, we will weave stories from the bible within a framework provided by congregation member Jodi Pfarr’s book, “The Urgency of Awareness: Unlocking the power within individual, organizational, and community efforts,” to better understand our own perspectives and experiences within our society, while learning to honor the perspectives and experiences of others.

This heightened sense of awareness will help prepare our congregation as we consider what more we are called to do to bring about the beloved community. If you are not in a small group, send a message to Celeste ( to get signed up. Contact Kate Andrews Van Horne ( for more information. For a free downloadable copy of the book go to:; click on
Order an e-book; Put in code: Mayflower22. This code is valid until March 04.

Lenten Contemplative Evening Service in the style of Taize with Marty Haugen
Wednesday evenings through Mar 2- April 6th, 6:00 Mayflower sanctuary. In person only. (all covid protocols, masked, vaxxed, see Mayflower website for details)
You are invited to join Marty Haugen for this time of silence, simple songs, scripture and during our time during Lent. The first Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. Join in this sacred ritual with ashes.