Report on the Congregational Meeting

Mayflower members came together May 18 for our annual meeting.

The following slate was approved:

Church Council
Gary Adams, Leon Erstad, Maureen Lunde (three-year terms); Maureen Engelhardt, John Fredell (two-year terms, completing unfinished terms of Martin Erickson and Tom Major). Council Leadership: Maureen Lunde to continue as Moderator and Leon Erstad to continue as Associate Moderator for the 2022-2023 church year.

Minneapolis Early Education Center (MECC) Board
Kris Norman (three-year term) and Sarah Plattes (two-year term, completing unfinished term of Stan Kusunoki)

Delegates to the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ
Diann Anders, Ellen Baker, Jim Bush, Tom Major, Rich Tripp

Nominating Committee
Connie Ford to serve a second three-year term as one of two Council designees to the Nominating Committee.

Creekside Commons LLC board nominations continued to be deferred as Mayflower and Creekside leadership explore the best cooperative oversight entity for our thriving partnership.

Nominating committee members deeply appreciate the many fruitful conversations they had with potential leaders both for this year’s nomination process and for coming years. We particularly celebrate the way that so many people were willing to take the leap back into church leadership involvement after separations and lassitude caused by the pandemic.

Nominating Committee: Connie Ford (chair), Ellen Baker, Ryan Pulkrabek, Steve Rawlins, Karen Smith Sellers