Mayflower to Consider General Synod Resolutions

At the November congregational meeting, Mayflower members will vote on two motions regarding resolutions proposed for adoption at the UCC 34th General Synod in June-July 2023.

Electrification Resolution

The General Synod resolutions review team reviewed and approved for distribution Mayflower’s Electrification Resolution. It’s the same in content and purpose as the resolution we brought to the June Annual Meeting, but amended to conform to the UCC National Setting requirements. For Mayflower to submit it, we need at least five other local churches to concur. New Brighton UCC has signed on, two other congregations have it on their agendas for fall congregational meetings, and several other churches are in conversation about it.

Public Education Resolution

New Brighton UCC had a public education resolution adopted at the Annual Meeting and is now pursuing General Synod consideration (similar to Mayflower’s track with the Electrification Resolution). New Brighton has asked Mayflower to sign onto this resolution, which the Mayflower congregation will consider at the November meeting.