Thank you for creating a pledge at Mayflower! There are two ways you can submit a pledge.

Paper pledge card: First, you will receive a pledge card in the mail, or you can obtain one at the church. As a congregation, we will all give our pledge card at the November 13 Consecration Sunday worship services. You can also submit your pledge prior to this and still submit a duplicate pledge card at the November 13 service, as part of your spiritual practice.

Online pledge through Realm: Second, you can also create a pledge in Realm. If you choose this method, you can still give a paper (duplicate) pledge card on November 13.

Please note: Creating this pledge does not automatically also change your online giving. If you change your pledge, and give online, you will need to also update your online giving. Good news, though: near the end of the process of setting up your pledge, there is a button that directs you to your online giving, if you need to change it. It comes up very quickly near the end, so watch carefully for it! See detailed instructions below.

How to Create a Pledge Online

Realm allows you to create a pledge that resembles your giving practice. For example, if you were planning on giving $10 per month, Realm allows you to create your pledge assuming that giving practice.

Note: Creating your pledge does not set up your online giving.

  • Log in to Realm (using the button above).
  • On the left side, click on the button that says “Giving,”
  • The top of the next page should be labeled “Giving.” Below the title you will see a button that says “+Give” and “+Pledge.”
  • Click on the “+Pledge” button.
  • This will take you to a page to select which fund you want to create a pledge. You might have an option of more than one fund.
  • Click on “General Fund Giving” Jan 1, 2023-Dec 31, 2023. You will see a box that provides options. The first line will say “How much would you like to pledge?” Enter the amount that you plan to give for the week or the month. For example, if you want to give $10 per month, enter “10.00.”
  • Below this, there is a box saying “Set a Schedule.” You can either use this essentially as calculator to determine your pledge for the next year. This does not set up your online giving.
  • To calculate your pledge, click on the “Set a Schedule.” You will have two options at this point:
  • Click on the frequency of your giving (weekly, monthly, etc.), and assuming you are doing this for the 2023 calendar year, click on “Save Pledge.” OR
  • Click on the “As Can” box, which allows you to enter the full amount of the pledge without using the pledge calculator described above.
  • Important Next Step: After you click “Save Pledge,” the next box is blue, and says “Thank you for adding your pledge of $XX dollars.” Do NOT click “Finish.” Instead, where it says “Before you go…,” if you click on the box below it saying “Add an online gift to fulfill this pledge” this will complete your pledge setup and take you automatically to the online giving section where you can update your online giving, if necessary.
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