Who is God Calling Us to Be?

On May 6, 1925, the founders created this church in South Minneapolis and named it Mayflower Community Congregational Church. Later, when the new denomination was born in 1957, “United Church of Christ” was added.

In May 2025, we will celebrate the 100-year anniversary of our beloved church.

On May 15, 2024, there is an important meeting for all who love this church to mark in their calendars and to make every effort to attend: The Annual Congregational Meeting. Do block in the entire evening in your calendar! It could be a long meeting as we will be discussing and maybe making a decision about the name of our beloved church as we move into the next century.

There have been many events, gatherings about this, during the last one and a half years, ever since Rev. Dr. Anita Bradshaw’s class in fall 2022. (The original sessions were on Oct 10 and 16 and there have been more than 300 views on YouTube since). We have devoted a lot of time and energy (necessarily setting aside other issues), as a church, to this conversation in order to give plenty of space to this extremely important issue, including:

  • More than 10 What’s In a Name? 2.0 Gatherings from March-Oct 2023
  • Summer series in 2023 on symbols at Mayflower (including the name, a symbol)
  • Presentation at the annual meeting in November 2023
  • Mayflower was featured in a national UCC article and Rev. Campbell’s blog for UCC
  • Circling back again to the question “Why are we doing this?” with two parts in February
  • A morning with Rev. Jim Bear Jacobs preaching and teaching
  • “Recap” Class with Kate, both in person and on Zoom
  • Readers’ Theatre

This list doesn’t include the hundreds of conversations during coffee hour, in the parking lot, over the dinner table at home. Also, bulletin boards and website pages and Sunday morning announcements.

So, it’s been impossible to miss!

This big conversation is all about spiritual discernment. We are a church. This is what we’re all about. (To better understand this crucial church language, “communal spiritual discernment, watch the sermon from March 10).

Mark your calendars!

In Christ,