As people of faith, we believe we are called to be earth-loving and earth-wise.

Mayflower is leading a movement for churches to play an active role in changing our energy and resource consumption patterns. The Mayflower congregation officially voted to become an Earthwise Congregation in February 2009.

Upcoming Groundwise Presentation

Environmental Justice & Climate Change in the City of Minneapolis
Tuesday, August 13, 6:30–8:00 pm, Dining Room

What’s the environmental buzz in Minneapolis these days?  Ever heard of biochar?  It’s plant waste specially heated without oxygen to form a soil additive that has major benefits. Come hear about the City’s new initiative using biochar both to sequester carbon (keeping it out of the atmosphere) and to improve urban soil by holding nutrients in place (keeping them out of surface and ground waters).

Linnea Champ, Mayflower member and Minneapolis Health Department intern, will present an overview of the City’s biochar initiative. Patrick Hanlon, Director of Environmental Programs in the Health Department, will give an update on sustainability and environmental justice programs the City has in place, including what we can do to make a difference.

The presentation is free, but an optional RSVP to will help us set up a good number of chairs.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Mayflower’s Earthwise Ministry is proud to announce that, with the completion of phase 1 of the Seeds of Hope/Carbon Neutral effort, data show we are avoiding more than 40 percent of our facility’s carbon emissions and our 204 solar panels are currently generating 30% of the facility’s electricity. Mayflower is saving approximately $4,000–$5,000 on electric costs. The beautiful structural steel solar canopy, designed by Mayflower member Kurt Gough with Shelter Architects, is a prophetic witness to God and sends our message of carbon neutrality to the broader community.

A Pioneer in Fossil Fuel Divestment

The Mayflower Foundation is one of the first local church organizations to participate in the United Church’s Beyond Fossil Fuels fund. Read the United Church News, which quotes Rev. Emily Goldthwaite Fries: “As a church, we have to resist being told that we don’t have a choice [about our investments]. This can be done. The churches are doing it as a very public example that this is the direction we need to be moving in.”

Is Your Congregation Considering Solar?

Mayflower invested in solar panels to spread the “gospel” – the good news – of renewable energy in the city. We hope to inspire other organizations to reduce their carbon footprint. Watch the videos at right to learn more about our “Journey of Hope” and the “Just Community Solar” work of MN Interfaith Power and Light. Rev. Sarah Campbell or a member of our Earthwise team is happy to speak with you.

Groundwise at Mayflower

The Groundwise group at Mayflower creates plans for our grounds that are practical, soul-sustaining, sustainable and move the church from being a part of the Minnehaha watershed problem toward being part of the solution. To get involved, contact Rev. Sarah Campbell.

Earthwise News


Rev. Sarah Campbell
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