Race Matters

To confront racism, we must look within, among, and beyond.

Our church-wide “Sacred Conversations” in 2014 indicated that racial justice is a top priority for Mayflower members. The Race Matters team focuses on the personal “within” work as it relates to issues of racial justice.

Statement of Purpose

We will create spaces where we can understand the spiritual and personal costs of racial injustice. We will increase Mayflower’s engagement with multi-cultural/multi-racial experiences in preparation for becoming a more diverse church community and a more effective ally in our racial justice work.

Racism in the Time of COVID-19

The Race Matters Team, along with Mayflower Church, stands with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders during this time of COVID-19. Please be aware of how this pandemic has specifically affected certain communities. The inequities of our community are even more transparent during this crisis. Below are links to help you stay informed and provide support when fear and misinformation lead to racism.



Asian Americans (PBS)


  • Hollaback and Asian Americans Advancing Justice are offering free online training entitled “Bystander Intervention to Stop Anti-Asian American and Xenophobic Harassment.” Learn more.
  • 65 Things White People Can Do. Learn more.

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