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What is OCWM and Why Should We Care?

“What is OCWM?” could well be a question in a United Church of Christ trivia contest, a question many of us at Mayflower might not be able to answer correctly. But acronyms aside, OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission) is an important part of the covenant which binds individual members, congregations, Conferences and the National setting together to form the United Church of Christ.

How to Pledge & Give Through Realm

We invite you to use Realm to create your annual pledge. You can also use Realm to create or update your online giving. Please note that creating a pledge is separate from online giving. You can create a pledge in Realm, and not give online; creating an online pledge only creates a pledge. If you […]

Gerry Mooers: A Small Saint with a Big Heart

How long has Gerry Mooers supported Mayflower? A long time. She started attending Mayflower with her family as a youth. Her parents, Margaret and Raymond Johnson, brought her to Mayflower as a youth. She was baptized at Mayflower. She was confirmed at age twelve, on December 7, 1942, the one-year anniversary of the bombing of […]