Who is God Calling Us to Be?

Mark your calendars for an important meeting for all who love this church: the Annual Congregational Meeting on May 15.

Walking Toward Jerusalem

Every year, it’s the same story. And every year, we are invited to go deeper into it. There is power in repetition.


Who would have ever imagined that the 2000-year-old ritual of baptism would become so countercultural?

Pilgrimage to the Mayflower

Read Rev. Sarah Campbell's blog as she does soul work on a pilgrimage to Plymouth, Massachusetts.

We Need Church

The world can feel like it’s exploding or falling apart … We need to learn history from reliably good sources … We need to breathe and take time to reflect and not just react … We need to love everyone … Maybe this is a good time to reflect on theology?


I want you to open yourself up to experiencing the grace of God. I want you to open yourself up to the truth that you are enough.

The Easter Story is for You

You who are worn out and feeling alone … Is it this long winter? Is it this long Covid? … You feel more worn out and alone than you ever have … Hear this! Hope has the last word, not despair.

We Are a Hopeful People, When We Act

Yes, to be good citizens we need to be educated. Ignorance does not pair well with a good society… But being good citizens is also about being engaged, active, organized.

You’re Not Alone

It’s a hard time now. In our homes. In our schools. Too much loneliness or too much togetherness. Too much uncertainty … There’s a community for you at Mayflower.

Verdict Speech

Rev. Christian was one of nine clergy asked to speak at a gathering on the corner of 38th and Chicago on the day the verdict was announced in the Derek Chauvin case. Read his remarks.