All along our life journey God calls us into spiritual and intellectual growth. In search of that growth, the Mayflower community engages in prayer, meditation, study, education, and discussion on a wide range of topics in classes, lectures, and ongoing Learning Communities.

Learning Communities

Contemporary Theologies

Sundays, 8:45 am, Room 207
Contact: Linda Nelson, (952) 894-6145
The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For, and Believe by Richard Rohr. “Too often our understandings [of Jesus and Christ] have been held captive by culture, nationalism, and Christianity itself. Drawing on history, theology, and psychology, Rohr articulates an exhilarating and ultimately more sensible view of Jesus Christ as a portrait, so to speak, of how God works. “The whole of creation is the beloved community–the child of God–not just Jesus,” he writes. In a world where religion too often divides, Rohr’s understanding of the Incarnation changes not just the significance of Christmas, but how we read history, relate to nature and each other, and find our highest purpose each day. Fans of Rohr’s earlier works will find here a synthesis that reveals the broadest, most hopeful vision for humanity imaginable. Newcomers will be drawn to a science-friendly spirituality that feels both modern and timeless. All will value Rohr’s practical insights on mindfulness, prayer and enlightened social action.” The process of sharing our responses to the text yields not only a learning experience but also community, fellowship and new connections for our faith journeys.

Rediscovering the Bible: The Book of Jonah

Sundays, 9:45 am, Study 1

All are welcome to join us as we read the Gospel of John using the Westminster Bible Companion series commentary by O’Day and Hylen. Any interested person can participate in the discussion. Contact Jeff Richards.

Women’s Spirituality

Sundays, 9:45 am, Room 211

We collectively explore the feminine face of God through ritual, readings, meditation with “A Pocketful of Miracles” and walking the labyrinth. There will be guest leaders, Goddess banners, story and laughter.

Centering Prayer

Thursdays from 6:30–7:00 pm
We begin with some Psalms for praying, sit for 20 minutes in silence, and close with the Lord’s Prayer.

Prayer Shawl Knitters

Meets first Sunday of every month, room 209, September–June
Contact: Barbara Behnke, (651) 454-2314
We knit and crochet prayer shawls to be blessed in the worship service and given to members of the church community in times such as birth, graduation, or illness. If you would like to volunteer to make a prayer shawl for high school graduates, contact Teddie Potter at (612) 822-5669.