Parish Personals

Let us know if you’d like to be listed in the bulletin. We will normally be keeping names for prayers of Care, Concern, and Support in parish personals for two months, unless otherwise requested.

Remember, the most reliable way to reach clergy with a pastoral care concern is the pastoral care line, 612-824-0762. Clergy check it several times a day.

Prayers of care and concern for…

  • Kevin Murphy
  • Steve Vincent
  • Fay Brackett
  • Barb Hadfield
  • Bev Johnson
  • Connie Ford
  • Sally Dunn
  • Carol Bannister
  • Yvonne Heinke
  • Diana Robertson and David Rayson
  • Katy Epler
  • Brad Kliewer
  • Joyce Bonafield-Pierce and Lewis Pierce
  • Jetta Wise
  • Gary Shepherd
  • Donna Ford

For all those living with cancer and cancer treatments:

  • David Wise
  • Jolene Roehlkepartain
  • Claudia Daly
  • Marcy Maass and family

Prayers of support for….

  • Quentin Smisek after the death of his mother
  • Joan Neve and family after the death of Ernie

Birthdays over 80

  • November 7: Myrna Aldrich
  • November 10: Ernest Lampe
  • November 14: Cecilia Perry
  • November 22: Joe Newberg
  • November 24: Jim McConkey
  • November 26: Janet Tripp