Growing Together

In these times, we’re doing faith formation differently to keep us safe and healthy. Here, on this new blog, every day you’ll find a video of Eli’jah reading from Desmond Tutu’s Children of God Storybook Bible, plus a child-friendly reflection and three prayers for your day.

In today’s story, we learn about Communion.  When Jesus eats with his disciples for the last time, he breaks bread for them and also shares grape juice with him.  When we do it at church every month, this is why!  Kinda cool, right?

Also, Jesus does this thing where he washes his disciples feet in this story.  Can you imagine that?  These a folks that walk all over the place in sandals!  Jesus wanted to show how much he cared by doing something that was pretty gross at that time, like touching someones feet.  This was Jesus’ way of showing just how much he loved his friends, and how much he cared about them.

I wonder in what ways you show your friends that you care about them.  What makes you a good friend?

Today, we’ll get to learn the ten movements! This has reminded me to move my body more these days. I’ve been doing the movements. And, Archie (my dog) and I have been doing a lot of running. We both love to run. Being outside is really important, right now especially! When Archie and I run, we make sure to give everyone a lot of space. And, I like to smile at people if I’m not wearing a face mask. Running and smiling bring me so much joy!  I wonder what outdoor activity or body movements bring you joy.

Moving can be spiritual.  Moving our bodies can be an act of faith.  I don’t know about you, but I needed that reminder during this time of being at home a lot!!  For the next two blogs, we’ll learn about a set of ten mindful movements that a Buddhist monk named Tich Nhat Hanh created.  The first video tells us who this guy is.  And, the second video shows us what the movements are.  Hope you enjoy!

Did you know that God is in places we never thought of?  Today our story is about how Moses finds God in a burning bush!  Can you believe that?  Moses shows us that God is here for us literally everywhere.  God is in our waking, and our sleeping.  God is with us when we are afraid and when we are happy.  God comes to us in our pets and in the wind that tickles our faces.  God nourishes us through the food we eat and love we get from others.  Wherever love and support is, there is God too!

I wonder what you are grateful for today.  When we are grateful for something, it means it’s something that we are happy about or something we are glad we have. Today, I am grateful for my home, family, and friends. What are you grateful for today?

The other day, a very good friend dropped a social distance care package off at my door. I was so happy to receive it! It feels really good to be remembered. During the Time with Children this past Sunday, I asked you to reach out to your Sunday School classmates. I bet you’d be surprised how much hearing from you would mean to them! Parents, you received an email from me with contact information for each class. If you didn’t receive it, just let me know and I will send again. Prayers for health. Prayers for joy. Prayers for being in community in different ways for the time being.

In today’s story, folks tend to focus on the little engine that finally agreed to pulling the train over the mountain.  I’d like to give an MVP to the toy little toy clown though.  He always kept his head up and believed there was a way to make it over the mountain.  I wonder how we can be more like the little toy clown.

In today’s story, Abraham and Sarah help people that they had never met before.  They didn’t know anything about them.  They just saw three people that could probably use some food and rest.  So they helped!  These visitors turned out to be angels.  When we help our neighbor who we may not know, we never know who that person really is.  And, it is always a blessing to help.

Each first Sunday of the month, you (our children) are invited to bring canned food forward to support the good efforts of V.E.A.P. (Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People).  Because of all of us staying home to protect each other from getting really sick right now, we won’t be able to do it in the same way this coming month.  But, we can still help!  VEAP does a lot of good things for people in need.  We hope you consider being helpful by supporting V.E.A.P.