March 20 – Abraham Trusts God

Today, I’m feeling grateful for Children. In our story today, God tells Abraham that God will give Abraham and Sarah lots and lots of children! I feel like Abraham because I feel so grateful that I have all of the wonderful children at Mayflower as friends. And, I am really missing you! I can’t wait till we can be with one another again on Sundays! Until then, I’ll keep you all close in prayer and fond memories.

March 19 – Adam and Eve

In our Bible story today, Adam says, “I need a proper friend.”  God replies, “you are quite right.”  These days, having our friends around us can be really good.  Accept, we can’t physically BE around them!  So, we have to be creative. My dog Archie and cat Bianca are my most important friends while we are all isolating (isolating means that we can’t be around all of our friends and neighbors right now).  Archie and Bianca bring me joy with their kisses and cuddles.  I also call friends and family a lot more than I usually do so that they know I care, and so we can all feel a little less alone. I wonder who are the friends you’ve been reaching out to during this time of not going to school and being at home a lot.  Maybe your grandparents? Senior friend?  Sunday school teachers?  I know they would just love to hear from you!

March 18 – Creation Story

Today is a good day to be grateful for God’s creation, even if things feel different right now. In my neighborhood downtown, I’ve noticed the birds chirping and the chilly wind on my skin, and those things help me feel connected to God, especially now. Can you name something aloud that is helping you feel connected to God? Each day, I wonder if we could join together to do some small moments of blessing and prayer together. These are moments you can share with your other family members, or maybe they can be times just for you. These prayers won’t change. They’ll be the ones we do together each day while we aren’t able to see each other on Sundays.

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