Welcome to worship at Mayflower Community Congregational United Church of Christ.

Worship is in person at 8:30 & 11 am, and online at 11 am

We come from diverse backgrounds but we are united in our quest for spiritual and intellectual growth and in putting our faith into practice through our actions.

Music, prayer, scriptures, and preaching are important parts of our worship, giving breadth, depth, and direction to our spiritual development on the Jesus path. In our services, you will hear inclusive language that honors many ways of understanding and naming God. Members are encouraged to participate in the leadership of worship and in creating a sacred environment for worship through art.

Visiting Mayflower? Our Covid protocols.

We expect that everyone is up to date on vaccines. Everyone, staff, congregants, tenants, guests, visitors, must wear a high-quality mask while in the building. We ask you to remember that Sunday morning worship is not the only time the church building is in use. Throughout the week Mayflower is home to two schools and hosts many meetings and gatherings. Our priority is that the church is a safe space, and unfortunately Covid still carries serious risk for those who become ill. Because of this, Mayflower’s staff will continue to remind visitors and tenants that masks must be worn at all times in the church in ANY and ALL common areas in the building. Talk to the Office manager if you or your group feels there is a valid reason for an exception. Thank you for your cooperation.

Celebration of the Sacraments

We celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion (Eucharist), both of which are available to all regardless of age.

Holy communion (or Eucharist) is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month, with intergenerational worship leadership. Our worship is greatly enriched by young voices leading us in gathering litanies, offering wise and inspiring words during the invitation to generosity, and offering the bread and the cup at Communion. Together, we experience the stories in the Bible that highlight Christ’s community of people who feed one another, and feed our neighbors.

Sunday Worship

In person at 8:30 & 11 am; online @ 11 am

Nov 27: First Sunday in Advent, Rev. Dr. DeWayne Davis

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