Baptisms, Weddings & Memorial Services

Special sacraments and services are offered for Mayflower members and those in the process of joining Mayflower.


Mayflower offers the sacrament of Baptism to members of all ages and their children, or families in the membership process. Baptism is an ancient way of welcoming new members of the faith, and we take seriously this covenant promise to nurture one another on this journey.

Baptism is a sacrament that initiates an individual’s participation into the fellowship and ministry of the church. It is an act of welcome at Mayflower Church, affirming the unique goodness of the individual being baptized in the presence of the church community. We baptize Mayflower members and their children, confirmands and those who are in the new member process.

When young children are baptized, it is an act of commitment on the part of parents, sponsors and the congregation to raise the child in a Christian environment and to nurture a living faith. A minister meets with the family to prepare them for baptism.


As an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ, Mayflower Church believes that marriage is a covenant made in the presence of God between two people of any gender or sexual orientation.

Weddings at Mayflower range from simple to elaborate, from traditional to innovative. We are committed to helping couples affiliated with Mayflower Church plan a service that reflects their desires and expresses the uniqueness of their relationships. Couples meet with a minister for sessions of pre-marriage counseling and and preparation of the service.

Memorial Services

When an individual or family loses a loved one, Mayflower offers a ministry of presence and care. Through worship, fellowship and pastoral care, family and friends can grieve with the support of a caring community.

Our ordained ministers assist in planning the funeral or memorial service for members and the immediate family, conduct the service with compassion and dignity, and make referrals so that appropriate care is given in the weeks and months that follow. This ongoing care may be through pastoral care, Befrienders, informal networks or special support groups.

Many individuals desire to plan their funerals or memorial services in advance. Our ordained clergy are available to assist, and records are kept in the church files. The Memorial Garden, located in the courtyard of the church, is available for the placing of ashes in the columbarium or in the garden’s grounds. On All Saints Sunday the community remembers those who have died in the past year in a special candle-lighting service.

Explore the helpful resources at right from a recent adult education classes at Mayflower and contact the church office for a copy of the booklet “Before You Die” by the UCC’s Stillspeaking Writers.

Ars Moriendi et Ars Maerendi: A Guide for Progressive Christians
Rev. Sarah Campbell, 2016

This is a booklet of ancient/old fashioned dying, death, and mourning rituals.  It is a kind of script for progressive non creedal Christians in the 21st century, including at- home rituals, prayers, poems, for the time of Vigil, Wake, and Days of Mourning. This guide espouses:

  • more “hands on”less professionalization
  • more timeless efficiency and convenience
  • more closeness to deathless concealment and denial
  • more real life and real deathless regret
  • This guide is about dying well, honoring the dead, comforting the mourners.

If you’d like a copy of this 52-page booklet, email Copies are $10, payable to Mayflower Church.


Baptisms, Weddings & Memorial Services
Rev. Sarah Campbell
(612) 767-1361